Holidays meet the environment

We are aware that tourism is one the human activities with a high environmental impact and that only through the respect for the natural environment surrounding us we will be able to guarantee to our future generations the usability of today’s resources without reducing their quality and availability.

It is for this reason that we undertook an eco-sustainable path by adhering to the eco-label of Legambiente Turismo "Recommended for the commitment towards the environment ".

It is a voluntarily adopted eco-friendly label which adheres to European network Visit making the hospitality facilities committed in tackling their environmental impact stand out and therefore promote the surrounding territory, enhance the holiday quality and their guests’ comfort.

Our guidelines

Gradual disposal of wastes via targeted purchases and their separation for waste sorting purposes.
Rational use of natural resources via the installation of water and energy-saving technologies.
Food safety through the use of no-GMO ingredients, seasonal fruit and vegetables, organic produce at breakfast.
Promotion of local cuisine as well as traditional, "0-km" and organic products.
Promotion of mass transit with information on services and timetables.
Promotion of bike usage by putting them at guests’ disposal and publishing information on the surrounding cycling paths and roads.
Reduction on acoustic pollution within the facility.
Enhancement of local environmental goods and cultural events.
Engagement of guests in the adoption of eco-sustainable behaviours through the distribution of information material.
Communication to collaborators in regards to the company’s commitment on environmental issues to foster the adoption of conscious attitudes.

The guarantee

The compliance with said mandatory commitments is constantly and yearly monitored by Legambiente Turismo via a direct assessment carried out at our facility as a guarantee for our Customers. You will find further information published in the Hotel’s hall.

The rediscovery of territory

We wish you will be our honoured Guests to let you explore the beauties the Adriatic Coast stands for, a holiday destination par excellence: fun, entertainment, bathing tradition as well as an inland rich in history, natural charm and handicraft and food peculiarities.
Thank you for your time.
Fabrizio and Elisabetta Balducci

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Wish to move forward with your next holidays? Pay your deposit online
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